Spring Replacements

When are Garage Door Spring Replacements Needed?

Upward-opening garage doors almost all have springs that make it possible to operate them. They assist with lifting the door, and also help to ensure that the door doesn't slam down when it is being closed. Some doors are so heavy that without working springs, they couldn't be opened at all. Such heavy doors would also close dangerously fast without springs to slow their descents.

Normally, garage door springs won't fail suddenly. Instead, they will slowly stretch out, losing their power over time. Therefore, the sign that it's time for spring replacements is usually an ever-increasing difficulty with opening the door. When you sense this, it almost surely isn't a sign of your advancing age, but that of the springs.

For most doors, you'll only have one spring to deal with, though some doors are large enough to need two or three. These springs are installed under extreme tension, and a mistake during installation can allow it to whip back and maim or kill you. This is the main reason that it's a good idea to have a professional take care of spring replacements.

When a garage door is old enough to need spring replacement, it's also a good idea to consider whether you need a new chain drive operator installation. Garage door openers age over time just like springs, but when they fail, they often cause more problems. This is mainly because they can stick with the door in the open or halfway-open position, thereby ruining your home security. It's smart to have your garage door opener inspected when it has gotten older, and if big problems are found, get a new chain drive operator installation before it fails.