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Residential Garage doors come in many different styles and qaulity build. When deciding what kind of door you are looking for first go through the items that are important to you, insulation value, strength in the door, quality of build, designs and options, life span, and the budget available for your new door.

Commercial garage doors and their openers often need to handle more demands than residential ones. Depending on the situation, they may need to deal with repeated opening and closing, extra road grit, attempts to break in, and even inattentive delivery drivers backing into them. Therefore, the first thing you should do when choosing a door is think about the operating environment.




Garage doors can be the most inefficient part of the home however with good weather stripping installed in a proper manner you can drastically reduce the energy lose through the garage. Give us a call to get your weather stripping replaced in Medicine Hat.

Weather Stripping
Spring Replacement

Upward-opening garage doors almost all have springs that make it possible to operate them. They assist with lifting the door, and also help to ensure that the door doesn't slam down when it is being closed. Some doors are so heavy that without working springs, they couldn't be opened at all. Such heavy doors would also close dangerously fast without springs to slow their descents. Give us a call to get you springs replaced or door repaired in southern Alberta and south eastern Saskatchewan. 


Choosing a door openers starts with the door size and the environment that the door is in. First we need to check the door size, then we look at the frequency that the door will be operated we then look at multiple options from various brands to get the best solution for application.

Commercial & Residential Operator Install And Service