Overhead Door Installation

Do You Need Overhead Door Installation or Weather Stripping Services?

You may have heard that modern garage doors are far more efficient than old ones, and if you've noticed your heating or air conditioning dissipating through the door, you've probably thought of upgrading. However, as you know, a new garage door is a substantial investment. If your only reason for updating is efficiency, you should therefore make sure that the door, rather than how it fits, is the actual problem.

In order to determine how your heating or air conditioning is leaving the building, you need to check out your current door. This is a simple process that should only take a minute or two.

First, put your hand on the door while standing inside your house or building. If the door is the temperature of the outside air, the problem is that the door itself is inefficient. Then, getting a new, well-insulated garage door and professional overhead door installation is the solution to your energy-loss problem. Our modern garage doors are made with insulation between two metal panels and are much better than older ones at keeping the outside temperature where it belongs.

On the other hand, if the door temperature is only slightly different than that of the indoor space, the problem is almost surely that outdoor air is leaking in from underneath. In that case, weather stripping services are your answer. Good weather stripping stops air transfer so that hot or cold outdoor air can't come in while the door is closed.

Whether you find that you need overhead door installation or weather stripping services, call Elevated Doors in Medicine Hat. We can take care of all of your garage door needs, including sales, service, and installation.